How to Forget About Your Debt Temporarily Using Only the Power of the Sun!

In that moment, in the blazing hot sun, underneath that enormous tree, amongst thousands of other children and parents, my son and I had an extremely touching moment of bonding. For that moment (and the rest of that day), I didn’t think about finances for the first time in a long time.

Starting Debt (01.01.19): $126,310.77
Current Debt: $109,710.00
Total Paid Off: $16,600.77
Income Going to Savings: 2%

Apologies for the late post today. I coach youth lacrosse, and my son had a 3 day tournament hosted in our town this weekend. It was 68 teams with roughly 15-20 kids per team and so it was wall-to-wall lacrosse sticks and hoarse coaches.

I got a hellacious sunburn on my upper arms, because I went with a sleeveless shirt, because the sun was out therefore my guns had to be out. These days said “guns” are not the types of guns you’d find at a gun show. They’re more like the old rusted ones that you’d find buried in your backyard while you’re digging out your plugged septic tank. Especially if those rusted guns have two really ugly tattoos that they got in their early 20s and now regret every summer.Read More »