Tuesday Tip Jar: You Probably Have Missing Money You Don’t Even Know is Missing!


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I’m a member of  a few financial groups on Facebook. They share tips and tricks and general advice for members of these groups, and in general it’s a very supportive culture of smart people like them trying to help dumb people like me overcome our dumb mistakes.

One of the links shared recently seemed a bit too good to be true. The claim was simple: It was a site that allowed you to find mysterious missing money that was owed to you, file a claim via the government, and get the money back.

Sounds too good to be true, right? WELL IT WAS.

Actually it wasn’t, but it made things more interesting to say the other thing first.

Turns out it works exactly as advertised, or at least I should say it seems to. I had a couple of clumps of this “missing money” under my name, which surprised the snot out of me.Read More »