5 Steps for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship While Dealing with Financial Difficulties


Quick Update: This serves as my final apology of the week for the wonky schedule in posting over the past few days. I’m back from New York now, and next week should return to a totally regular cadence and format. Thank you!


I often feel weird writing this blog. The reason being is that I am in a pretty decent amount of debt, and yet I’m writing a blog that essentially gives advice on how to deal with debt. It’s like a person who was born with their arms taped to their body giving advice on how to throw a badass fastball, or a person with nothing but a loaf of bread in their hands trying to give guitar lessons on how to properly shred.

What I am decent at however is marriage and maintaining a long and healthy relationship, so let me get someone to cut this tape off of me so that I can eat this bread and we can get started!

My wife and I got married at a very young age, and in August we will celebrate our 24th year of marriage. If you factor in the 3 years we dated, we’ve been together a LONG time!

We know that we’re in this for the long haul, no matter what. One of us will most likely need to put the other in the ground (we all know I’m the one dying first) and that’s the only thing that will put an end to our relationship in any kind of physical way.

So regardless of how we might bicker or fight at times, we know that neither of us are going anywhere. We love each other a great deal. We are soulmates.

When it comes to finances, and being in a less-than-ideal financial situation, it’s bound to put some stress and pressure on a relationship. There is going to come a point where the money is finite enough and you both see the importance of a particular way or thing to spend it on, and that leads to conflict. Conflict in turn leads to… “healthy discussions.”

We have had many such “discussions,” and the fireworks that go right along with them.Read More »