The Night I Found Out I Was Broke

Note: If you got notified of this post yesterday, I apologize. It got messed up by the holiday weekend, and I didn’t catch it until it posted early. What follows is the edited and much funnier version!


Now I was wishing I was the person holding the phone in that scary movie, because I was only moments away from the sweet release of that orange traffic cone.

Starting Debt (01.01.19): $126,310.77
Current Debt: $110,102.44
Total Paid Off: $16,208.33
Income Going to Savings: 1%

Okay, so I’m not broke. It’s a sensational post title to get views because I guess that’s what my life has become. I’m really close to broke, but I’m not broke. I’m still paying my bills, but I just don’t have anything going to savings and a mountain of debt. So maybe I am broke.

In any case…

My wife and I have had an agreement pretty much since we got married 23 years ago, and that agreement goes like this:

I keep my mouth shut and she lets me continue to live inside.

Wait… wrong agreement. Here is the right one:

My wife handles the bills, and I don’t ask questions.

If there was something I wanted to buy I’d say, “I’m going to buy this,” and then she would either say it was fine or it wasn’t fine.

My wife is one of the most caring and loyal people walking the face of the earth, and slowly over time my kids and I began to wear her down. She hated the feeling of being “the bad guy” and telling one of us that we couldn’t have something, so she continued to find ways of saying yes.Read More »