Sickness, Sweden, Soccer and Saying So Long to Summer – A Digging Out Update


Hi Eveyrone!

Good News: I’m not dead.
Bad News: I have not been updating the blog.

In late August I got hit with the flu, and it knocked me on my ear. I was seriously concerned, because I had a big business trip coming up in Sweden that I desperately wanted to attend. I was starting to freak out that I would be too sick to travel, but I managed to pull the nose up at the last possible minute and was cleared to go.

Sweden was great, but between the craziness of that trip and the plague that had ravaged my body, I was in no shape to write blog updates.

Upon my return, I was reminded that my kids soccer season kicked off (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?), and so we spent several days watching delirious kids boot balls about while the final rays of summer kissed us goodbye.

When I first started this blog, my intention was never to make it a 5 day a week affair, but it sort of morphed into that very quickly. Then I found myself scrambling to keep up with the cadence I had set for myself, and it quickly became something that wasn’t my most favorite thing in the world.

So moving forward, updates will be a bit more off-the-cuff and less regimented, but I promise they will still bring value!

Here are some things I did manage to accomplish over the last several weeks:

  1. I finally closed on the refinance of my home. Given that we have only been in the home for a year, this made total sense for us, and saved us several hundreds dollars on our monthly mortgage payment.
  2. I managed to pull the trigger on my “big plan” for the year of paying off a massive chunk of our debt. It will take until the 15th of September before I can officially explain here on the blog, but needless to say, the tracker on the right will see a BIG update at that time.
  3. I read some great books in my downtime! I finally read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “The Millionaire Next Door,” and just started on “The Richest Man in Babylon.”
  4. I got bit by a tick while in Sweden while hunting for wild mushrooms that we cooked over an open fire with reindeer. True story.

So I wasn’t just lying in a pool of my own sweat and begging my children to “bring Daddy a fresh bucket.” I actual did what I could to make my life better as well!

Well… except the tick part.

My intention with this blog has always been to give people in a situation similar to mine a person that they can relate to. I want others to know that, whether they are deep in a financial hole, or simply wanting to reach some form of financial independence, there are others on a similar journey. With a five-day-per-week post cadence, I started to feel like I was losing some of that magic, and frankly just kind of repeating myself at times.

So stay tuned, because while the posts may not stick to any kind of schedule moving forward, my hope is that you will find them more substantial and meaty.

Keep digging!


Site News: 100 WordPress Followers!


Hey we hit another mini-milestone today! We hit 100 WordPress Followers to bring the grand total of awesome people following this blog up to 116.

I also had a post this week receive my highest number of likes to date. I appreciate that you appreciate my ramblings!

You all are awesome, and I really can’t thank you enough for the rad response I’ve received to the blog thus far. This post is a celebration, but also a quick reminder to all of you to make sure you take the time to celebrate all of your life milestones as well, both big and small!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, the link is in the righthand column over there, so what are you waiting for! [Just look for the dog with the cash in his mouth.]

Oh… and make sure you tune in tomorrow. HUGE financial independence news in my world, and a big step forward on my road to freedom!

Thanks again to all!


Digging Out Blog: Some Key Milestones for the Blog


Hi Everyone! Just a bit of a bonus post for this awesome Friday to celebrate some milestones for this blog, and to extend my heartfelt thank you for some of the awesome support I’ve received thus far. While the milestones achieved aren’t earth-shattering by any means, I’m pretty proud of them.

Before we get to numbers, I wanted to again thank everyone who has shared posts, posted links to the blog, or told friends about the blog. Please continue to share, because knowing that people might be getting some comfort or guidance from these posts is highly motivational for me, and will keep me chugging away!

I’ve got plans brewing for a possible podcast. For those of you who don’t know, I hosted a podcast for around 4 years, and I PROMISE if one comes to fruition I will make it highly entertaining. In fact, that’s frankly the delay, in that I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to keep a podcast of this nature from turning into a dry-mouthed slog fest that would bore the saddle off of a dead horse. Stay tuned!

Now about those numbers…

First of all, we hit 100 Followers today! I’d like to thank each and every one of you who have followed the blog, because it means you saw enough in my ramblings to want to read more of my ramblings. I really appreciate it, and if you’re reading this and you subscribe, it means you can tell all of your friends that you were one of the first hundred.

Note: If they stare back at you blankly or seem unimpressed, take that as a sign of  shear and total jealousy on their part and move on!

If you have yet to subscribe, it’s super easy! Just look for the “Follow this Blog” image in the right hand column. I don’t think the right column shows up for people on some mobile devices, so if you don’t see it, try visiting from a desktop device.

Next, we hit 1,000 Total Visitors! The blog is just over 2 months old, so this is pretty rad as well. Thanks for dropping by, and please continue to share the blog if you enjoy what you’re reading. I will keep posting if you keep reading, and that’s a promise!

We also broke 2,500 total Views, which is pretty damn cool. 2500 pairs of eyeballs (or single eyeballs in some cases I guess) have read words put into these posts. I hope it has helped some, and provided comfort for others. Know that it has helped me tremendously, both emotionally and in terms of the knowledge I have gained from comments and emails received.

Finally, we hit 250 Likes, which means that 1 in every 100 views gets a like. Which means that not many people enjoy what I write. Wait… what the hell? That’s like 1% of you. NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE… THIS SUCKS. WHY DO I EVEN BOTHER?

Nah… all of these numbers are fantastic. I have no frame of reference to know if this is poor/good/moderate growth for a blog, but what I do know is that I’m personally really happy with the numbers. The blog continues to grow, and I continue to learn new things from all of you. It’s WIN WIN!

As a little bonus “THANK YOU!” of sorts, I assembled many of the little sketches I threw together for the tops of the posts over the past 2ish months. Hope you enjoy!


Thanks again to everyone! Please continue to spread the word, keep digging, and have a fantastic weekend!

You folks rock!