Friday Five: 5 Podcasts for a Better You or Just a Laugh or Two


The “Friday Five” are five items to help you in your journey to financial freedom. They might be 5 tips, they might be 5 tricks, or they might just be 5 items of thoughts. In any case, it’s Friday, and I’ve got 5 “things” for you, so here we go!


I freaking love podcasts. My commute to work one way is around an hour and change, and while that may sound like a lot to some, I don’t mind it at all. It’s mostly lazy back country roads that cut throw cattle fields and farm country. It kind of sucks in the winter, because here in Seattle it dumps buckets of rain during those months, but otherwise it’s a beautiful drive.

My commute is also long enough that it gives me a chance to really dive into some podcasts. My tastes and interests are all over the road. I listen to some that center around music, some that deal with finances, a few that are straight comedy, and believe it or not at least 1 or 2 that deal with the world of professional wrestling. I don’t really watch wrestling as much as I did in my 20s, but I love hearing old wrestling stories about just how hard living those men and women were.

To me, podcasts are perfect forms of media because you can hand select the topics and genres that appeal directly to you. It’s like a salad bar for your ears! If you want veggies, you can listen to veggies. If you want oranges and sunflower seeds, boom! If you want nothing but a plate of croutons drizzled in thousand island, well… you should probably consult a physician.

So for today’s Friday Five, I thought I’d focus on podcasts, since I have a great deal of experience with them. The links are iTunes links, and I’m sorry if that isn’t how you digest your podcasts, but you can still look these up by name using your favorite service. I’d love to have you folks make recommendations in the comments down below too, but here are 5 of my current favorites:

Comedy – The Preston and Steve ShowThis is a Philadelphia radio show that I have been listening to for at least 7-8 years now. They record their entire morning radio show, minus commercials, and it’s all incredibly entertaining. I think it’s also Philadelphia’s highest rated radio show, and while they obviously give a lot of love to their town, they also do a fantastic job of not making it all about just Philly. While the episodes are incredibly silly and sometimes gross, this show has also set records for most blood given at a drive, and most canned food donated via their yearly Campout for Hunger.

Self Improvement – The School of GreatnessHosted by Lewis Howes, this show features incredibly insightful guests and thoughtful topics. Recent episode titles include, “Heal the Body and Transform the Mind,” “Mindfulness vs Happiness,” “7 Keys to Being Present in Your Life,” and “Think Bigger and Take the Risk.” Fantastic guests, and a fantastic listen for anyone looking to improve.

Misc – The Joe Rogan ExperienceOne of the most popular podcasts on the planet, the Joe Rogan Podcast is a juggernaut. While most people (myself included) might be quick to dismiss Joe as a testosterone gushing jock, he’s actually got some really interesting views on life, drugs, spirituality and politics. While I don’t always agree with him on views, what I love is that he has everyone on his show and lets them speak their minds, regardless of how controversial they might be. He’ll debate them without a doubt, but he never just yells over people or calls them stupid.

Comedy – Conan O’Brien Needs a FriendWe all know who Conan O’Brien is, and while I haven’t watched his show in some time, I’ve always found him engaging and charming. His podcast can get a little to “Conan focused” at times, with him often bringing interviews back to talking about himself, but the show is overall incredibly funny and interesting. Plus it’s Conan O’Brien, so his guests are of the highest caliber.

Financial – ChooseFII know this is kind of cheating since a listener just literally turned me on to this podcast today, but it’s totally deserving of being in this list. I started by just randomly cherry picking a few episodes that seemed interesting, and at the tail end of one they mentioned that they recommend new listeners start with Episode 100. I just listened to that while working in my garden today, and realized just how little I know about the world of finance and the growing community interested in Financial Independence.


Like I said, podcasts are awesome. They can be great tools of teaching, give you new ideas, bring you hope, or just make you laugh at “your brand” of humor. For me that “brand” has a lot to do with flatulence, but to each their own! I hope you find interest in these, or at the very least they brighten your day. I traded in terrestrial radio long ago for podcasts and have never looked back.

Have a great weekend, and tune in on Monday when I’m going to talk about buying a house that I couldn’t afford. You won’t want to miss it!


What do you listen to in the Podcast world? I’d love to hear what entertains you or what has provided you lessons you carry forth into every day life. Drop them in the comments below, and I’ll check them out as I drive past cow manure piles!


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