Tuesday Tip Jar: What to do if It’s Getting Ugly!


Welcome to another “Tuesday Tip Jar” where I will share awesome savings and financial tips as I find them. I might not have something for you every Tuesday, but when I do, you’ll find it here!

If you’ve got a financial tip you think others would benefit from, please send it to me via my contact page at the top of the blog, or leave it in the comments below the post!


I’m in New York this week on business travel, so apologies for shorter posts, but at least this is one that could really save your bacon!

Back in January when the poop hit the fan for us we were in a bad way, and when I say that I mean there was real concern that we were going to lose our house. It was a really big fan, and there was a lot of poop hitting all at once!

My uncle in-law happens to be a life-long financial planner, and when we went to him cap-in-hands and pleaded for him to help, one of the things we all quickly agreed on was that we need some short term cash, and we needed it now.

That’s when he suggested reaching out to our banks and asking them to move a payment to the end of our loan.

There is probably a term for this, and if one of you fine readers knows it and posts it in the comments below, I’ll edit the story and add the name so that everyone knows what to ask for.

In the simplest terms, we called our major debt holders (house, car, truck, and personal line of credit), and asked if we could take the payment that was due that month and move it to the very end of the loan. We explained that the holidays had been particularly hard on us, and we were running really short on cash.

Of the four we called, 3 agreed to do it with very little persuading on our parts. I guess they figure they’re still getting the money, and one month isn’t going to kill them. That month it saved us a couple thousand dollars, which we desperately needed to get by.

So if you are in a rough spot like we were, this is an option worth exploring. Call the banks and ask. The absolute worst they can do is tell you no.

And just in case my Mom is reading this, “We are fine now, Ma. It was just a speed bump down the road of life.”


Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any of the products/services/tips I share on this site unless explicitly called out in the post. Please do your research and make sure these tips make sense for your particular situation

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