A Boy’s Blog About Being A Broke Buffoon

I’ll keep making the posts as entertaining as possible if you folks continue to share the blog with people you think might enjoy or find value in it.

Starting Debt (01.01.19): $126,310.77
Current Debt: $109,710.00
Total Paid Off: $16,600.77
Income Going to Savings: 2%

January of this year was a rough month. I didn’t feel like doing much of anything other than wallowing in my own sadness of stupid mistakes and financial misfortune.

Let’s keep in perspective just how bad the shock was that I had received: I literally thought I was going to lose the house I had bought less than 1 year prior.

So if I wanted to wallow for just a bit, I feel as though I was entitled. You don’t give a pig an entire pen of the deepest mud you can find and not expect at least some wallowing.


Tangent: Did I mention I was raised in the country? We never owned pigs though. We owned a buttload of cattle (around 3,000), and had a goat at one point, but no pigs at any point. I know enough about pigs to know they wallow and they enjoy mud, but please don’t expect lots of pig facts in future posts. It ain’t happening.


We had no earthly idea how to dig out of this mess, and there were lots of options thrown about including filing for Chapter 13. Which in the book “How to Mess Up Your Life” is a chapter that falls right between the much more exciting chapters of Chapter 12: Booze and Chapter 14: Buying Your Spouse a Vacuum for Their Birthday.

By April, things had stabilized a bit. We were making all of our payments and we knew that if a few things fell into place (to borrow an old saying from my Grandfather) we’d survive by less than a hair on the butthole of a mouse. Sure we weren’t putting money into 401k or savings for now, but we weren’t going to foreclose either. Small wins.

This month I decided to write about it via this blog. It’s a truly cathartic experience for me, but my hope was also to let others in situations similar to ours know that they aren’t a lone.

I don’t want to brag, but we are really good people and if people as awesome as we are can get into a mess like this, so can lots of other equally awesome people. [Note: We are only about 50% as awesome as claimed here.]

I started the blog not knowing what the response would be since I haven’t blogged in a LONG time. I am not selling anything, nor am I doing this for any kind of financial gain. You need to get into the thousands of readers in order to even make a couple of hundred bucks on ads per month, and I’m a long way from that. So this was not a “get rich quick” to help us right the ship! I was really just looking for an avenue to share our experience.

With all of this being said, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the number of viewers the blog has reached. I launched the blog just a couple of weeks ago on May 14th, 2019, and in just that amount of time, the blog’s stats look like this:

Views: 501
Visitors: 208
Subscribers: 42

I know those aren’t Gwyneth Paltrow GOOP numbers by any means, but they aren’t bad for a blog that I’m still not comfortable self promoting on my various social media platforms.

I wanted to come out of the gates strong by posting 5 days a week, but in June I’ll probably drop into a Mon/Wed/Fri cycle. I’ll keep making the posts as entertaining as possible if you folks continue to share the blog with people you think might enjoy or find value in it.

I’m really appreciative of this outlet, and I’m glad you’re stopping by to read. We have a long road ahead financially, and I hope to inspire others to take that same journey with us.

It means so much to me that I’ve even started hand-drawing the little images that go at the top of each post as a little “thank you” to anyone who stops by to read. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope they add just a small bit of whimsy to an otherwise rather serious topic!

I am personally not going to spend the summer wallowing in that mud. The sun dries it out and makes me chafe anyway. Instead I’m going to continue building on my small wins and tackling this situation head on. Forget the BBQs and fireworks… I’ve got work to do.

Bring on summer!

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